Location ID. The Weather Channel uses these to identify locations around the world. Because Yahoo! Weather gets their weather data from The Weather Channel, the Location ID can be used on Yahoo’s RSS Feed to gain access to a 5-day weather forecast. Note: this usage is undocumented.
metric system
The metric system is a system of measurement that is used around the world (in all but three countries). It is often considered to be synonymous with the International System of Units. Some example units include grams and meters. See Wikipedia’s article for more information.
United States customary units
A system of measurements commonly used across the United States. Some example units include miles, pounds, and inches. See Wikipedia’s article for more information.
Where On Earth IDentifier. Yahoo! GeoPlanet uses these 32-bit identifiers to reference spatial entities around the world. See Yahoo! GeoPlanet’s Key Concepts for more information.

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